The project

(There are some working notes on the development of the project here)

A more detailed overview of the project (developed from the simple overview on the home page) is shown below:
This detailed overview shows that within this project:
  • Education will be seen at the level of its processes, activities, challenges and opportunities.
  • The study will draw on existing work, and from it gather relevant theories of management, information management and education.
  • The principal output will be a new "reference model" - a body of knowledge that will inform, assist and guide those concerned with the management of ICTs in education.

It also shows that:
  • Applying ICTs within any educational organisation will always require an investment, of time, energy, money and other resources.
  • The implementation of ICTs in education should result in the delivery of benefits.

Balancing the cost and benefits of any investment is, of course, the ideal that must always drive our ambitions for education in South Africa.

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