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The SAICTED research project (completed)

"Managing ICTs in South African Education" was a three-year research project funded by the South African National Research Foundation and based at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). The project examined the ways in which technology contributes to South African education, at all levels of education and at all points in the processes of education. It was a partnership between CPUT, the University of Cape Town and the University of Limpopo.

The final project report is now available here

The project was focused on the management of ICTs in education, and it was not confined to specific areas of investigation (such as e-learning and learning management systems); rather, the scope of the project was broad and concerned with any aspect of ICT management in an educational context.

The objectives of the project were:
  • to establish where investments in ICT in education can be most effective,
  • to develop a reference model for ICTs in education, and
  • to develop a knowledge base that will be useful to all those involved in education in South Africa.

Included in the project outputs are:

This wiki preserves five mainly historical sections:

Time line

The table below records some of the more significant dates and events in the history of the project (most recent at the top), with links where needed.

November 2014

The final project report is now available here.
13 October 2013

The Flash MOOC is done - a big THANK YOU to all contributors and to the team that made this possible - especially to Laban Bagui who took nearly all of the strain. There are some useful links here. Thanks, everyone.
12 October 2013

Flash MOOC happens on this day
13 September 2013

Invitations to join the Flash MOOC sent out.
28 June 2013

Andy is speaking at the international ICEL conference at the CPUT Hotel School "Managing ICTs in Education - a South African Perspective"
19 June 2013

First review of the collected bibliography completed - 522 papers selected out of more than 700.
14 March 2013

Report of the January meeting now available here.
15-16 January 2013

Meeting of Experts, Hotel School, Granger Bay.
4 December 2012

Management meeting at Goedgedacht
Aug-Nov 2012

Focus on personal research during this period. Also collection and development of BIBLIOGRAPHY
16 July 2012

I have met with Thanti and Gadz, and I meet with Rao tomorrow, focusing on PERSONAL research issues. Thanti is starting some interviews and I have done a LETTER OF PARTICIPATION which you need to read and USE if you are talking to anyone. This is important, it concerns the confidentiality of what we are told (and given), and how we are managing the ethics of the project.
12 July 2012

The meeting with the NRF (Jane Mabena and Joy) eased their concerns about the project I think, but the meeting was very late and Gadz and Thanti could not stay to wait. We are still waiting for the bursary nominations to go through for Thanti, Gadz and Denise.
3 July 2012

Meeting scheduled with Jane Mabena at CPUT.
22 June 2012

Andy,Wallace and Moira met to discuss short term issues - Andy departed for IFSAM 2012 conference in Limerick, Ireland
06 June 2012

Andy met with Leighton Forbes and Craig Reid of fuelonline and found much potential synergy. Denise commissioned to liaise with Leighton
28 May 2012

The second team meeting happened, but contract issues caused the project to go into "pause" for a while. These problems are now sorted out and more news and updates will appear here soon.
21-23 March 2012

Second team meeting at Goedgedacht
30 January 2012

The second team meeting is tentatively scheduled for 21-23 March at Goedgedacht (near Malmesbury, Swartland
27 January 2012

Andy summarised and circulated actions arising for 2012, and initiated planning for the second team meeting
30 November 2011

Andy aborted attempts to organise a second meeting in Cape Town because admin services were closing down
29 October 2011

Andy made closing remarks at the end of the CPUT Faculty of Education Research colloquium, featuring the project
26 October 2011

Andy presented this project to the "ICT in Higher Education" conference in Johannesburg
17-19 October 2011

First full team meeting held in Polokwane, hosted by the University of Limpopo
15 October 2011

Notes from June meeting loaded here
13 October 2011

Finally, after many administrative delays, the first team meeting is confirmed for 17-19 October in Polokwane
4 June 2011

Core team meets for first discussions, Riebeek West
12 May 2011

NRF approval received for bursaries
12 April 2011

Started "links" (see navigation menu) but only because I found a good one - go look and check it out!
12 April 2011

Nominations to NRF for bursary awards submitted and awaiting result
28 March 2011

NOTE: Successful bursary applicants need to register with CPUT, UCT or LIMPOPO THIS week - deadline for nominations to the NRF is THURSDAY 31 March
25 March 2011

Letters to successful applicants sent out
23 March 2011

Evaluation of bursary competition completed - letters to applicants should go out shortly
9 March 2011

Competition for bursaries closes
1 March 2011

Competition for bursaries opens
27 January 2011

Deadline for receipt of expressions of interest (in bursaries)
5 November 2010

Confirmation of the award received from the NRF

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