Work plan

The work plan presented in the proposal is given below. As indicated, the first step in the project will be to negotiate and agree a detailed project plan that will assure the achievement of the intended work. For example, it will be necessary to refine the details of the plan to take particular account of the actual budget awarded, researchers' backgrounds, competencies and capabilities. However, the work plan identified below is the agreed foundation for the study and will not change in scope, rather in depth.





  • Develop detailed project plan
  • Progress reporting
  • Team communications
  • Deliverables management
  • Establish a project management regime
  • Administration, team meetings and document management
  • Detailed project plan
  • Progress reports


Identify and examine:
  • Theories of IT and IS strategies
  • Theories of IT adoption and acceptance
  • Theories of education
  • Theories of e-learning
  • Theories of technologies in education (not e-learning)
  • Document and publish
  • Undertake a meta-study of existing research relating to ICTs in education
  • Study of the theoretical literature
  • Analysis of the literature content
  • Identification and documentation of key concepts
  • Undertake a review of applied research literature
  • Study of the applied research literature
  • Bibliography development and management
  • Examination of instantiation of key concepts (see above)
  • Further rule-based modelling
  • Workshops
  • Working papers
  • Peer reviews
  • Bibliographic collections
  • Report
  • Conference papers
  • Journal papers


Working with the outputs of the meta study, develop taxonomies and map the two perspectives: * Review and evaluate specific areas of interest
  • Undertake a further literature review in each of the key areas of interest(keyword and citation search and analysis)
  • Develop a shared bibliography
  • Examine evidence of the use of ICTs and the consequences
  • Develop a categorisation of examples of the use of ICTs
  • Refine
  • Finalise, document and publish
  • Establish a candidate conceptual model, making clear the key domains of interest (based on process and progression, that sum to embrace all of education).
  • Team workshops
  • Focus groups with external stakeholders
  • Rule-based modelling and ontological development
  • Workshops
  • Working papers
  • Peer reviews
  • Bibliographic collections
  • Report
  • Conference papers
  • Journal papers


Using the conceptualisation as an analytical framework: * - Build and analyse a library of case studies exemplifying success and failure in the use of ICTs in education
  • - Identify areas where ICTs may have application.
  • - Map teaching and learning processes to progression of education (the two principal perspectives)
  • - Review the potential of ICTs in education
  • - Locate the potential application domains in the mapping
  • - Develop a portfolio view of present and future opportunities
  • - Populate the model with empirical data
  • - Document
  • - Publish
  • Consolidate and unify the conceptualisation
  • Team workshops
  • Peer review
  • Using the conceptualisation as an analytical framework:
  • Team workshops
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Expert review
  • Develop adoption, imlementation and management guidelines
  • Scenario analysis
  • Programme and project planning
  • Workshops
  • The reference model
  • Working papers
  • Expert reviews
  • Bibliographic collections
  • Report
  • Conference papers
  • Journal papers


  • Undertake scenario analysis
  • Prepare adoption, implementation and management guidelines
  • Prototype a wiki as a “container” for the body of knowledge
  • Develop a wiki management scheme
  • Populate wiki with content and review
  • Operationalise
  • Promote
  • Assess
  • Document
  • Publish
  • Build a wiki as a “container” for the body of knowledge
  • Prototyping
  • Community engagement
  • Quality control
  • Authoring
  • Promoting
  • Deploy the body of knowledge by engagement with and education within educational institutions
  • Workshops
  • Roll out plan
  • Wiki
  • Container
  • Content (including all papers from previous phases)
  • Management scheme
  • Report
  • Conference papers
  • Journal papers


  • Assess project against plan
  • Review achievements against objectives
  • Write final report

  • Final project report
  • Diploma content
  • Degree content
  • Short courses
  • Enhanced national human resource:
  • Doctorates
  • Masters
  • Informed educators
  • Informed policy makers


  • More effective investment in ICTs for education
  • More effective education using a new body of knowledge
  • More effective education at all levels