The team

The study team is organised around specialists in both informatics and education. It takes existing work from the principal partners, including the "Information Management Body of Knowledge" (Bytheway, 2004; one of the principal outputs from a Carnegie-funded research project involving all tertiaries in the Western Cape, now gaining acceptance as a standard text in South Africa, Europe and North America). It will also develop work done at the University of Limpopo (Rahimi, 2010), and at UCT (Chigona et al, 2010; Chigona & Chigona, 2010; Chigona, Chigona, Kausa & Kayongo, 2010). Existing theories of information management will significantly add to and consolidate existing work on ICTs in education, much of which has been undertaken from a purely educational or specialist perspective.

AndyMug_medium.jpgPrincipal Investigator

Professor Andy Bytheway (CPUT) has extensive experience in the software industry, with academic leadership, and with post graduate research. He has "delivered" five doctoral students to graduation in recent years, and a range of masters students some "cum laude". In the Carnegie-funded "ICTs in Higher Education" project he led the work on Information Management, and he authored the Information Management Body of Knowledge.


Professor Wallace Chigona has acted as Co-Investigator with special responsibility for the "Teaching and Learning" perspective. His leadership in the MELISSA project has provided particular insight into the problems that teachers face, when setting out to incorporate ICTs into classroom activities. This work was at the primary school level and needs to be extended to encompass the higher levels of education.


Dr Farivar Rahimi acted as Co-Investigator and hosted the first meeting. He has since withdrawn from the project due to the pressure of his other commitments.