Project activities:

There are a range of project activities that need to be recognised, and managed:
Project processes

Gathering primary data

For this project, primary data will be largely comprised of references to the literature concerning prior work on managing ICTs in education, and related material.
Reading sources

Takes time - we need to work out how to select, summarise, condense and archive appropriate sources of all kinds.
Developing bibliography

Currently playing with Mendeley.
Running meetings

Takes time - there was a very significant burden in organising the facilities and travel for the Polokwane meeting.
- Skype?

Do we all have skype IDs?
- face-to-face?

Where? Four times a year?

- working papers

Yes, critically important!
- case studies

Possibly - as a meta study, we are more interested in studying the projects that have run rather than to look at "ICT in education" per se.
- conference papers

- journal papers

As we are able

Problem management

Projects always have problems, we must manage them.
Proposals for fund raising

Sounds like a good idea
Public relations - press etc

Necessary and useful to do
Reference model development

This is the heart of our intellectual contribution (to the world? Country?) - it will be tightly associated with the Body of Knowledge. The IMBOK may or may not be a starting point for the Reference Model.
International benchmarking ..

.. of ICT management in education