Project objectives

The aims and objectives of this project, against which its success will be judged, fall into six domains of activity, as follows ...

Project management

Good project management will assure the integrity and purpose of the study.


To undertake a meta study by means of an extensive review of existing work, and current literature concerning ICTs in education.

Case studies

Through study of specific cases, the project will analyse the role of ICTs in education from two different orthogonal but related perspectives:
  • "Perspective One": identify, tabulate and characterise the processes of teaching and learning (imparting knowledge).
  • "Perspective Two": identify, tabulate and characterise the stages in the progression of learning through all stages of the educational system (accumulating knowledge).
There will also be an analysis of categories of ICTs that are potentially useful, and the areas of application of those ICTs, taking account of both perspectives.

Reference model for ICTs in education

In order to allow positioning of ideas about ICTs in education, and establish boundaries of opportunity and responsibility, the project will develop a reference model that will:
  • Summarise the key elements of education in a conceptual model
  • Make clear the opportunities for ICTs to be beneficially applied
  • Clarify the perspectives of the different stakeholders involved

Knowledge base

So as to make it accessible to all who might need it, the project will accumulate knowledge about ICTs in education and locate it in a body of knowledge that will .
  • Disseminate the results of the study to interested and involved role players
  • Promote the outputs of the project as teaching material for advanced studies in education
  • Test the efficacy of the body of knowledge in practice, and to stabilise its operation and management


  • Ensure that the project is completed and all intended outputs are delivered
  • Gather the lessons learned and make them available for future research


At the Polokwane meeting the objectives of the project were discussed again, and the following emerged:
  • ICTs are in schools in SA already; how do we use it better
  • ICTs are potentially accelerators of educational processes
  • We need to spend money on IT more effectively
  • We need an educational return on the investment in ICTs

In terms of benefits, "efficiency" benefits are where it starts, then "effectiveness" benefits when confidence and capability exists; then "evolutionary" benefits that start to chance what education actually comprises the third stage – eg students study from home, (but SA is far from this) and ideas such as "MOOCs" - massive open online courses.