These instructions are for those who have expressed an interest in competing for bursaries from the SAICTED project.

Discussions are now closed. Thanks for all your contributions.
If you have not sent it, your 200 word commentary is now overdue - please submit ASAP.
We will be in touch.

You have one week to accomplish the following tasks, starting immediately. At the end of the working day on Wednesday 9th March, the results will be saved and analysed.
  1. Joining communities (5%): If you have not already done so, join the SAICTED community (by registering as a user on this web site), and the IMBOK community (register in the same way on Please use the same "user name" on both systems. It does not have to be your actual name, you can choose whatever name you wish.
  2. Choosing a topic (10%): Download a copy of the "Information Management Body of Knowledge" (IMBOK) handbook from the IMBOK web site, review the contents, and choose one topic from the IMBOK content that interests you. Open a discussion topic on THIS PAGE (use the DISCUSSION tab at the top) using an appropriate subject line and providing a short explanation why you chose it, using no more than 30 words. Do not replicate any topics already posted by others - this part of the exercise is strictly FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.
  3. Discussing issues with your peers (50%) With your chosen topic in mind, look at the topics raised by others (in the discussion tab on THIS PAGE - see Item 2 above) and try to advance the discussion of issues. You will be assessed not only by the number of your contributions - across all topics including your own - but also by the quality of your contributions. You can make reference to additional reliable external sources if you wish (typically, reviewed academic articles or moderated web sources). You may argue for or against the points made by others - it is the quality and extent of the argument that is important not just the direction.
  4. Putting your topic in context (35%): Using Google Scholar or any other source, find at least two good academic articles that further inform your opinions about that topic; using these sources and your own background knowledge, write a commentary (about 200 words) on why the ideas might apply (or might not apply) to the management of ICTs in South African education. Email a copy of your commentary to three recipients:, and Do not post it to this web site.

You will find there is one discussion topic already loaded on this page, which is the "help topic". This is just in case you get stuck or have queries. Ask a question there, get a reply, everyone can see it.

Bursary awards will be made on the basis of individual performance, bearing in mind the level of bursary that you have expressed an interest in.

Good luck!

Andy Bytheway,
Cape Town,
1st March 2011