The Flash MOOC

At one of our workshops it was agreed to develop and run a "Flash MOOC" in order to get a better feel for what MOOC-mode education feels like, and in order to test the idea that a short, rapid and intense MOOC might be a useful substitute for the more conventional mode of extended, periodic working. Experience has shown that a majority of registrants on MOOC courses tend to drop out, and there is an argument that a MOOC may be most useful in other specialised contexts, for example when trying to assess people who want to join an academic programme including a portion that is undertaken online. We were also keen to use this as an opportunity to gain experience using a range of social web services, that might provide a suitable vehicle for gathering and working with people sharing our interest in Managing IT in South African Education.

These are the notes and links that we published shortly after the MOOC was done:

The flash MOOC is now done, the contributions from the eight hours of activity are now being analysed, and we are reflecting on where this idea goes next.However, the five discussions are still open in case anyone wants to chip in at this late stage:

Discussion pages

Google+ main "entry" page:
Management perspective:
Technology perspective:
Education perspective:
Implementation perspective:
Africa perspective:

WordPress background stuff and discussion summaries

We have a collection of blogs, background and an archive of the discussions accessible here

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